Seticrei, as the Italian play word says, is a philosophy through which everyone can recreate themselves, based on the consciousness of what we use everyday for our beauty routine.

Through the intensive workshop of Seticrei Academy, Donatella Colangelo, founder of the brand, will teach you the principles of cosmetics explaining how to read the l'INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) of the products we use everyday. During the Academy it will be explained what additives are used for the formulations of natural products that are good for the skin and at the same time performing. Consciousness is also obtained with the scientific knowledge of all the various special aspects that represent the beauty world.

Thanks to the help of the aesthetic doctor Selene Marini, we will teach you the DEEP NATURAL MANUAL LIFTING, an extraordinary facial massage that you can immediately use on your costumers.

With Seticrei Academy we want to support you in this real revolution that changes the movements of the simple facial massage.

Our Academy will be done with a maximum of 6 people so we can have the possibility to follow every person and to teach everything in the correct way.


The DEEP NATURAL MANUAL LIFTING is an exceptional massage which main objective is to lead you to a specific knowledge of what are facial muscles and what are the causes of wrinkles and expressive lines.

That’s why we have chosen a surgeon, the aesthetic doctor Marini Selene, professor of acupuncture and specialized on the techniques of facial rejuvenation.

Her techniques are based on the traditional Tuinà, the Gua Sha and the Vietnamese facial reflexology, but also on the most recent techniques taught by some of the most famous visagists of the world. The result obtained is given both by medicine and aesthetics and it is very surprising!

The main objective of Seticrei Academy is to give immediate expertise to treat your costumers with success as soon as the course finishes.

During our workshop we will talk about cosmetology, anatomy of facial muscles and the massage techniques will be done until the DEEP NATURAL MANUAL LIFTING will be learnt completely.

Our objective is to teach you these techniques so you can use them the day after of the course.

Thanks to Alessandra Pierelli - Testimonial Seticrei Academy 



DEEP because it is a profound facial massage.

The profundity is linked to the intra-oral massage that is used to raise the cheekbone; with facial reflexology we will explore the causes of wrinkles and face imperfections.

NATURAL because we want the best for our clients, we use natural ingredients and not allergens. Don’t forget that the massage favors the penetration of the substances that we carry in our hands and with Seticrei products we are sure we use quality ingredients.

MANUAL because with this facial massage the result is only given by the touch of your hands that are guided by precise movements on the epidermis and inside the oral cavity.

LIFTING because the face of the customer will appear raised and redefined thanks to the Gua Sha technique and the Vietnamese facial reflexology. You use your marvelous hands and competence, we provide products and innovative techniques.

Il DEEP NATURAL MANUAL LIFTING lasts 60/90 minutes. It is composed by two different phases, one external on the face and the other intra-oral that is done using special gloves.

The mix of facial techniques and natural cosmetics is highly performing and makes Seticrei Academy a great opportunity a . to become a good facialist.



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Our workshop have been completed and Seticrei gave their first 2020 certificates. We want to thank these young women who wanted to achieve this goal with us, being professional conscious and ready facialists.

We congratulate:

  • Roselena Cavaliere - Beautician - Florence  347 1983715
  • Francesca Leli - Beautician - Arezzo              349 3909605
  • Cassano Maria - Beautician - Taranto             333 2462849
  • Rita Tabacchi - Beautician - Carpi                   059 652565 - 0523 651135
  • Palestra fashion Wellness club - Roma         06 37516686
  • Studio di estetica Iseppi Vogel - Lugano       +00419228756 
  • Dotti Miriam - Beautician - Monza                   338 4568878
  • Monica Giannubilo - Beautician - Monza       349 30000072
  • Afrodite di Marseu Andreia sas - Piazza del Mercato 19/A - Brescia       030 280312 - 328 1722534
  • Amor Tuo Estetica snc  - Via Duchessa Jolanda 16/B - Torino       348 4932618
  • Silvia Muffolini  - Estetista - Sesto San Giovanni (MI)    340 7095184
  • Chez Cris di Tagliani Cristina  - Via Roma 7 - Manerbio (BS)       030 9382518 - 347 0850746
  • Elena Bonfante c/o Maison Esthetique srl  - Via IV Novembre 1/D - Verona       045 8344002
  • Rainoldi Valentina - Chronos - Massagno - 0041786618838
  • Sala Giovanna - Palazzolo S/O (BS) -  030/732308
  • Pelucchi Elisa - c/o Ceresio 7 - Milano - 02/49680827
  • Cazzanelli Laura - Estetista - cell. 348/6296101
  • Suardi Sara -c/o L' Albereta Espace Chenot  - Erbusco (BS) -  030/7760550
  • AuraPura - Sarezzo - 030/8901412
  • Monti Alessandra - Be Beauty - crema - 0373/225489


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